Monday, May 12, 2014

Gender & the Political Theory Job Market

Let's share information about the recent/current job market in political theory. Our contributions here are necessarily anecdotal, but we hope to develop them further.

Job searches in 2013-2014:

UCLA - 5 of 6 job candidates invited to campus were male; job offers made to and accepted by two male political theorists

Bryn Mawr - 3 of 4 job candidates invited to campus were male; job offer made to and accepted by male political theorist

Vassar  - 3 of 3 job candidates invited to campus were female; job offer made and accepted by female political theorist

Please add additional information in the comments re: other job searches. If anyone has information to share about the gender composition of applicant pools (for these jobs or others), please chime in!


  1. The Bryn Mawr search looks ridiculous on the face of it, given that it's a women's college and their Poli Sci dept was already male-dominated. WHY???

  2. FAU 3 of 3 campus interviews were female, offer accepted by one.

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