Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On Anonymity

This blog is authored anonymously. Why?

Given the status/position of some participants, we have opted to keep the blog anonymous, at least for now. While we hope that raising the issue of gender inequity in the field of Political Theory would not affect any aspect of one’s career, we can’t be certain of this, unfortunately. For now we are not writing under our proper names and wanted to explain our reasoning.

Readers can also comment anonymously.

For the reasons outlined above, and because we want to maximize participation in blog discussions, the current settings allow for comments to be made anonymously. We understand that some readers may have insights, opinions, and facts to share but do not feel comfortable doing so if they are identified by name.

We think the option of anonymity is crucial to facilitate open participation by people regardless of rank and status.

We’d also like to encourage those who are able to do so to comment in their own names.

It would be heartening to hear from some senior colleagues – of any gender – who are willing to speak publicly about this matter. For those whose academic status is secure, please consider participating in your own name.  This could make a strong impact and perhaps draw additional attention to this project.

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